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Bringing clean air to all in greater Los Angeles, California, the Nation, and the World.


Our team strives to conduct aerosol and air quality research of the highest quality. Our research, both locally and globally, enables policymakers to reduce long-term air pollutant emissions and devise short-term policies to reduce human exposures and protect public health.

Dr. Yifang Zhu

Dr. Yifang Zhu is a professor of Environmental Health Sciences at UCLA Fielding School of Public Health where she also serves as the senior associate dean for academic programs. Her research focuses on measuring and modeling particle emissions, transport, and transformation in both outdoor and indoor environments as well as assessing and mitigating the associated adverse health effects. Her scholarship and creativity has been recognized by several national awards, including the Walter A. Rosenblith New Investigator Award from the Health Effects Institute in 2007, the Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Award from the National Science Foundation in 2009, and the Haagen-Smit Prize from Atmosphere Environment in 2011. Dr. Zhu was appointed to California Air Resource Board’s Research Screening Committee in January 2014.

Latest Articles

Spatial analysis of COVID-19 and traffic-related air pollution in Los Angeles - Environment International (2021)

Jonah Lipsitt, Alec M. Chan-Golston, Jonathan Liu, Jason Su, Yifang Zhu, Michael Jerrett

Brake and tire wear emissions from on-road vehicles: effects of vehicle mass and braking intensity - Atmospheric Environment: X (2021)

Farzan Oroumiyeh and Yifang Zhu

Modeling the Impact of COVID-19 on Air Quality in Southern California: Implications for Future Control Policies - Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics (2021)

Zhe Jiang, Hongrong Shi, Bin Zhao, Yu Gu, Yifang Zhu, Kazuyuki Miyazaki, Xin Lu, Yuqiang Zhang, Kevin W. Bowman, Takashi Sekiya, and Kuo-Nan Liou

Dynamic imaging and characterization of volatile aerosols in e-cigarette emissions using deep learning-based holographic microscopy - ACS Sensor (2021)

Yi Luo, Yichen Wu, Liqiao LI, Yuening Guo, Ege Cetinta, Yifang Zhu, and Aydogan Ozcan

Electronic and Tobacco Cigarettes Alter Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids and Oxidative Biomarkers - Circulation Research (2021)

Rajat Gupta, Yan Lin, Karla Luna, Anjali Logue, Alexander J. Yoon, Kacey P. Haptonstall, Roya Moheimani, Yasmine Choroomi, Kevin Nguyen, Elizabeth Tran, Yifang Zhu, Kym F. Faull, Theodoros Kelesidis, Jeffrey Gornbein, Holly R. Middlekauff, Jesus A. Araujo

Long-Term Exposure to PM2.5, Facemask Mandates, Stay Home Orders and COVID-19 Incidence in the United States - Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health (2021)

Fang Fang, Lina Mu, Yifang Zhu, Jianyu Rao, Jody Heymann and Zuo-Feng Zhang

Decreases in near-road NO and NO2 concentrations during the COVID-19 pandemic in California - Environ. Sci. Technol. Lett. (2021)

Jonathan Liu, Jonah Lipsitt, Michael Jerrett, and Yifang Zhu

Experimental study of a string-based counterflow wet electrostatic precipitator for collection of fine and ultrafine particles - Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association (2021)

Abolfazl Sadeghpour, Farzan Oroumiyeh, Yifang Zhu, Danny D. Ko, Hangjie Ji, Andrea L. Bertozzia, and Y. Sungtaek Ju

Urinary Carboxylic Acid Metabolites as Novel Biomarkers of Exposures to Alkylated Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons - Environmental International (2021)

Yan Lin, Xueyao Gao, Xinghua Qiu, Jinming Liu, Chi-Hong Tseng, Junfeng (Jim) Zhang, Jesus A Araujo, and Yifang Zhu