Non-exhaust traffic emissions

Non-exhaust emissions are produced by abrasion of vehicle parts, including brake, tire, and drivetrain components. Given the predicted growth in sales of hybrid and electric vehicles (EVs) with zero or low exhaust emission, traffic emission is expected to be dominated by non-exhaust emission sources in the future. Non-exhaust emission sources such as brake and tire wear particles as well as resuspended road dust are amongst the most predominant sources of PM metals in urban areas and can contribute to adverse health effects. Our long-term goal is to identify emerging traffic emission sources that could potentially contribute to overall PM health effects and study their characteristics such as particle size distribution, chemical composition, and spatial distribution.

Statistical Analysis and Preliminary Geospatial Exposure Model of Air Pollution Derived from Brake and Tire Wear

October 2020

Spatial Pattern of Trace Metal Concentrations in Southern California Associated With Brake and Tire Wear Emissions

October 2020